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Anyone who has grappled with mental health issues can tell you that the psychological distress that comes with it is real and it’s debilitating.

Mind Matters Counselling is passionate about and committed to promoting mental health.

At Mind Matters Counselling we provide clients with an emotionally safe, empathetic and therapeutic environment to understand the workings of the mind, know their emotional triggers and pain points and help break out of unhealthy and unhelpful patterns. As a result of the counselling, clients are better able to cope with life’s stresses and strains and the psychological wear and tear that comes with it, and be emotionally and mentally well adjusted individuals, which is a prerequisite to living what eminent psychologist Carl Rogers refers to as ‘the good life’ ie a life of self-fulfillment.

Of all the relationships we have, the most important is the one that we have with ourself, and it has a bearing on all our other relationships. In the course of our lifetime, our relationship with ourself or what is referred to in psychology as our ‘self concept’, changes and evolves on account of our life experiences – achievements & accomplishments, emotional setbacks, psychological injuries, the latter sometimes leaving us impaired, with our self concept ‘fractured’ and in need of ‘repair’, undermining our ‘psychological immunity’ ie our ability to cope and function effectively and navigate our life as a fully-functioning person.

Being a fully-functioning person means having a healthy well-adjusted personality, a positive self concept and an overall sense of psychological wellbeing.

Psychotherapy is a means to address and overcome psychological issues that may be adversely affecting us, including mental road blocks, self limiting beliefs, emotional trauma, unresolved grief, maladaptive behaviour and a host of other mental health conditions such as chronic stress, anxiety, depression, mood and personality disorders, behavioural addictions and post-traumatic stress disorder as well as relationship and interpersonal issues that have underlying psychological causes.

With the use of brain imaging technology numerous psychological studies have been able to identify positive changes in the brain after a person has undergone psychotherapy, proving it’s efficacy in bringing about fundamental, lasting improvements beyond just symptom relief, known as transformational change.

At Mind Matters Counselling we have a unique integrative approach to counselling psychotherapy, integrating elements from different schools of therapy - including Psychoanalysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Schema Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy and other evidence based therapies - to best meet the needs of the client, proven to be effective in treating the ‘presenting problem’ by drilling down to the root cause or the ‘actual problem’.

Counselling Psychologist / M.A. Psychology - Professional Member of International Association for Counselling


Counselling Psychologist / M.A. Psychology - Professional Member of International Association for Counselling

The mind behind Mind Matters Counselling, Joey Oberoi is a qualified mental health professional with a Double Masters in Psychology and Sociology, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychotherapy, and a Specialism in Relationship & Marital Counselling. She is trained in Emotion Focused Therapy (L1), Gottman Therapy (L1) & Schema Therapy (L1). She has a decade’s work experience in London before moving to Singapore and pursuing her career in counselling. Joey has a psycho-educational approach to therapy introducing powerful concepts in psychology in an actionable format, facilitating change from the ‘inside out’ ie inner change leading to outer change by focusing on the ‘root cause’. Using proven therapeutic interventions and techniques, the counselling sessions provide meaningful psychological insights and emotional breakthroughs, enabling clients to address and overcome deep-rooted psychological issues that are acting as roadblocks in their life, increase their mental and emotional resilience and be their #BestSelf referred to as the 'actualised self’ in psychology.