Today as many as 1 in
every 10 people suffer from
anxiety and depression as per the World Health Organisation.

Are you one of them?

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Do you find yourself in a negative spiral:

Do you find yourself in a downward spiral of stress, anxiety, depression?
  • Stressed and anxious
  • Emotional adjustment issues
  • Lack of self esteem
  • Low mood or mood swings
  • Feeling burnt out
  • Relationship problems
  • Feeling overwhelmed and dysfunctional
  • Struggling to cope with loss or grief
  • Addictive compulsive behaviours
Seeking timely help for psychological stressors can prevent going down a negative spiral…

Mind Matters Counselling Provides Professional Counselling Services:

  • Effective counselling and psychotherapy at a affordable rate

    Effective counselling at an affordable price

  • Professional psychotherapist for locals & expats

    Experienced and qualified psychotherapist

  • Full confidentiality assured on counselling

    Confidential, safe, therapeutic environment

Mental health refers to our psychological and emotional well being.

Mental health matters just as much as our physical health and taking care of our mental health is as important as talking care of our physical health to lead a functional and fulfilling life.

Mental health refers to our psychological and emotional wellbeing. It affects every aspect of our life including how we think, feel and act, how we handle stress, how we relate to others and make choices.

Like we incur physical injuries we also incur psychological injuries in life - in the form of setbacks, loss, trauma - leading to emotional distress. Trauma is anything that overwhelms the brain’s ability to function. Psychological injuries can adversely affect our mental state.

We predominantly live in our heads and our state of mind determines our quality of life. Investing in our psychological health and managing our head space proactively is vital to cope effectively with the stresses and strains of life and pre-empt mental health issues.

Counselling Services

Mind Matters Counselling provides counselling and psychotherapy services to address and overcome psychological issues in your personal or professional life that may be adversely affecting your mental health and emotional wellbeing.